• 9a Canterbury Rd, Heathfield, Cape Town
  • 079 326 4202
About Us

CIG Systems is a Cape Town company, based in Heathfield in the Southern Suburbs. We have 25 years’ experience in the security industry, with services ranging from security management for armed response and guarding to sales and installations of electronic security solutions. We offer security solutions to both the private and corporate sectors and we install and maintain alarms, school and home intercoms and CCTV systems.

What We Offer

We offer our security services to both the private and corporate sectors.

Alarm Systems

alarms - Copy

IDS, DSC, Texecom, Risco and Paradox

CCTV Systems

cctv2 - Copy

IDIS, Hikvision, Raysharp and Provision

Electric Fencing


Wizord, Druid and Merlin

Gate Motors


ET and Centurion



Microsound and Mycom

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